BAD MAMMA (Valentina de Piante, 40’’)

I am a stranger in my own body, in my own thoughts, and to a language in a poorly read book. I spit out projections, lies and fears. I make and undo mistakes. Sometimes I am what I want to be. To give myself visibility I am a woman, singer, artist, psychoanalyst. I amplify perception, listen to all senses, become many things at once, have 4 brains and claws. I learn to resonate with what surrounds me, the soul vibrates together with the other’s. I let the unconscious articulate, breathe through the body. I am viscerally imbued with all dating identities. The rest of you are symbols of me. In this night-day, where the notion of time is lost, I must leave everything, die to be reborn, in this night-day of my resounding soul.

How do we let the unknown be a part of us when we think we can control our lives?

Valentina De Piante Niculae is a UNATC teacher, doctor in Theater and Performing Arts, project coordinator, choreographer, researcher and performer. He is the only teacher in the country with ATM and FI expertise in the Feldenkrais® method, a method of reorganizing neuromotor schemes. She teaches choreographic writing and somatic education workshops, and being invited to various universities and pedagogical research platforms. In 2009 he participated in the event TTT – Teaching the Teachers – Bucharest and in 2013 in TTT – Budapest. In 2015 he held theoretical lectures enriched by an intense physical practice together with the neurologist researcher Dr Radu Dop. He guided, as a Romanian expert, the European Tandem Dance project dedicated to blind people and performers. In 2016, he was part of [8:tension] choreographers, obtaining a scholarship at ImPulsTanz in Vienna with performance M.E.L.T. Motion Emotion and Lateral Thinking, created together with Kroot Juurak (playwriting) and Eduard Gabia (sound research). He is part of the feedback team of the new IDOCDE Mind the Dance interdisciplinary research, published in 2017. Since 2017, she has been interested in interdisciplinary studies aimed at children and adolescents, researching how movement is a trigger for creativity and self-knowledge. The project, human emobodying art, carried out together with Alexandra Balasoiu, with Ioana Manciu, with Alexandra Garbea and with the clinical expertise of the psychologist Simona Petreaca documented the process encountered with 4 groups of teenagers from the high schools Tonitza, Capsali, School for the Handicapped Vedere and the Gifted Association (gifted children). Starting from the Feldenkrais method, each group was guided by the Feldenkrais method and inspired by the Siegel method towards interdisciplinary practices that involved movement, drawing, dance and feedback sessions. The results of the psychological tests taken before and after the work sessions were extremely positive. In 2017, he collaborated in the interdisciplinary project Earsight, of the Indiebox association, working with the visually impaired. This project gave rise to a lasting performance in the Efden house. In 2018, he is part of the team of teachers of the Performative School, launched by the CNDB and dedicated to the new generation, he is invited as a choreographer and teacher at the Camp festival in Sfantu Gheorghe and holds Feldenkrais workshops for singers from Bluenoise. Also this year, he collaborates with Madalina Dan in The Agency of Touch project, a somatic, kinesthetic, creative tactile approach in medical contexts. As a choreographer in May-June, he works on a performative-somatic reading of artistic and literary works from the exhibition In.Fuzion#1, of the Montage association. In the summer/autumn, he creates the performance Singing Bodies Trilogy-Part III-Bad Mamma together with choreographers Alexandra Balsoiu and Denis Bolborea. As part of this project, he presents the Trilogy and teaches workshops in Bucharest, Cluj, Sfantu Gheorghe and Timisoara. Valentina is currently researching educational and performative methods that enhance creativity and self-knowledge, at the intersection of somatics, transpersonal psychology, neuroscience and philosophy of perception. He constantly holds workshops within the Arhipera Association (Architecture on the margins of society) for anyone passionate about conscious movement, self-knowledge and discovering their potential.
In time, he wants to create an educational, performative and creative platform about consciousness and body, art and neuroeducation and body space and public space.

Video projections: Cozlac Andrei
Photo-video: Lavinia Pollak
Sound design: Denis Bolborea
Light design and graphics: Hermina Stanciulescu

Manufacturer: Indie Box
Co-producer: Linotip – Independent Choreographic Center
Partners: PLAI House Association, Creation and Experiment Reactor Association, Moira Cultural and Youth Association, Museum of Senses.
Media partners:, Ceașca de Cultura.

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  BAD MAMMA (Valentina de Piante, 40’’) I am a stranger in my own body, in my own thoughts, and to a language in a poorly read book. I spit out projections, lies and fears. I make and undo mistakes. Sometimes I am what I want to be. To give myself visibility I am a […]