It was formed by the performers Alexandra Bălăşoiu and Denis Bolborea, who aim to create a series of projects aimed at changing the way people perceive preconceived models and ideas of contemporary society. A ‘box’ with independent projects, Indie Box operates in the field of contemporary performance, being in direct connection with a wide range of fields including anthropology, architecture, urbanism, psychology and education.

Indie Box’s activity has evolved organically in recent years, starting from a project of sound mapping of Bucharest initiated in 2016, then going through research experiences and cultural intervention in the public space in 2017, at the same time permanently testing an alternative concept of courses in contemporary dance and exploring the relationship between the body and the voice. In November 2018 Indie Box completed the first two production projects, co-financed by AFCN, which had as main results three solo choreographic productions brought together in the form of a trilogy and a concert that launched the first original a cappella music album in Romania by the Blue Noise vocal group. In 2019, the IMU musical project took shape, born from an interdisciplinary exchange between Ana-Cristina Leonte and Denis Bolborea and resulting in three related productions: a duo performance and two solo performances originating from the collective performance, in a quest to return to the primal purpose of communion through ritual, where music and dance are inseparable. The projects “Singing Bodies”, “Laboratorul de Voci” and “I am you” were toured in Cluj, Timișoara, Brașov, Sfântu Gheorghe, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Suceava and Iași, with the aim of presenting the final products and opening the creative processes to the local public by organizing music and movement workshops. In 2020 we prepared an international event dedicated to musical products created exclusively through the voice, during which we also released an album with original music.

In the conception and development of the proposed projects, we emphasize the tracing of innovative research and creation processes. We find ourselves in a continuous search for the most organic links between the artistic products and the environment to which they are addressed and which they reflect.

Alexandra și Denis

Alexandra Bălășoiu is a performer/choreographer living in Bucharest. He has work experience in the conception and implementation of cultural projects. He is responsible for the main programs and projects carried out by Indie Box. Currently working artistically in relation to mental health and the social perception of madness. He is co-artistic director of AREAL – space for choreographic development (http://www.arealcolectiv.ro/).

Denis-Ștefan Bolborea is a performer, choreographer and sound designer. He is concerned with the relationship between the voice and the body. He develops in parallel as a vocal soloist and beatboxer, and is involved in various projects in which he is placed at the intersection of these roles.
He is currently developing the BLIP platform (Beatbox and Looping International Platform) and the solo project KABLAT, which incorporates a live looping setup and vocal processors.


In the projects developed so far, we have attracted people with common visions and desires to our side, who have strongly influenced the projects they have joined.

Konrad Mihat

Valentina De Piante

Loredana Larionescu

Gabriel Durlan

Alexandros Raptis

Andrei Cozlac

AC Leonte

Silvia Niculae

Oana Baluta

Teodora Morosanu

Diana Spiridon

Cristina Ispas

Mara Maracinescu

Virginia Negru

Catrinel Catana


Along the way, many of the projects have enjoyed the hosting and logistical support of our institutional partners, with whom we have sometimes managed to build collective presentation and education projects.

Parteneri Media