We open the box

We like to say that Indie Box is a box of independent projects, where we put what doesn’t fit in other boxes. The concept itself is a meeting between two seemingly opposite ideas: freedom and organization. We believe that both are needed. Let’s organize creatively and live bravely. We need spaces, groups and contexts in which to explore our freedom of thought. And we dream that one day they will become the norm, not the exception.

We launched indiebox.ro because we are convinced that what we do matters and can produce change. We address everyone: young and old, professionals and amateurs, pragmatists and dreamers. We start with FLOWPRINTS – contemporary dance workshops because our personal and professional experience has convinced us that movement is a powerful tool for knowledge and transformation. We believe that through movement we become what we need or desire or have the potential to be.

Flowprints means 4 contemporary dance workshops that approach movement from 4 different perspectives. They are called the breathing body, playful body, singing body and speaking body. They are inspired by 4 common actions, but that does not mean that what we will actually do will be breathing, playing, singing and telling stories. Rather, it is about positioning yourself in a precise state of mind from which you can create and discover things about yourself and the world in which you live. We know that it may sound complicated and that contemporary dance sometimes seems inaccessible, but what we propose is very simple: we have breathing bodies that love to play, sing and dance and need to express themselves. With freedom, courage and naturalness.

Structured now theoretically, the four concepts arose from our personal practice, as performers, choreographers and pedagogues, and follow a line of needs, desires and potentials that we sensed. Movement is at the heart of our proposals, so the workshops will be very dynamic. We will start from intention and discover, step by step, how it structures our bodies and interactions.

We propose smart and daring bodies. And if we are to enter the more theoretical area, we are actually talking about bodily thinking. A body that feels thinks and communicates as a whole. În care nu ne mai separăm acțiunile de dorințele și nevoile noastre naturale.

Pentru noi, dansul contemporan este, înainte de toate, o metodă de autocunoaștere și dezvoltare personală și vrem să îl aducem mai aproape de existența cotidiană, să îl scoatem puțin din ariile estetice sau conceptuale și să îl abordăm cu naturalețe. Because we need relaxed and daring bodies to take with us beyond the dance hall: on the street, at the office, at the government, in dialogues with friends or business partners. In the world we live in, loaded with information and fabulous discoveries in all fields, we have to go beyond the simple idea of “healthy mind in healthy body”. There is un very fluid transfer of information between what we experience in the dance hall, the stories we tell ourselves daily and the life we live. For some, contemporary dance may seem like a hobby or art in general – a fad, but there are real changes that various artistic practices produce: in the mind, body and implicitly in society.

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