Gift vouchers for contemporary dance workshops

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Send your loved ones to dance! Vouchers for contemporary dance classes cost 60 lei, and until February 14th we offer 1+1 for free. Whether you are celebrating Dragobete or Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or simply the approach of spring, we are waiting for you at Good Mood Dance Studio, where we feel good regardless of the season.

We offer four vouchers for contemporary dance classes in search of relaxed, playful, creative and expressive bodies. What we experience in the dance hall then accompanies us at the office, in meetings with loved ones and in future plans.

What would you say to your loved ones? To relax, to play, to access their creativity or to express their opinions with more conviction?

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Program ateliere de dans contemporan

February-March 12:30 – 3:00 p.m

Breathing body| February 18 – advanced, February 19 – beginners
Playful body | February 25 – advanced, February 26 – beginners
Singing body March 4 – advanced, March 5 – beginners
Speaking body March 11 – advanced, March 12 – beginners

Breathing Body (February 18 – advanced, February 19 – beginners)

Breathing Body is a contemporary dance workshop that sets out in search of a relaxed and uninhibited body. By maintaining attention on breathing, as a natural process of our bodies, we manage to release tension, we experience flexion and extension as possibilities of a relaxed and conscious existence, we learn to effectively use the weight of the body, the contact with the floor and the inertia of the body in motion. We anchor ourselves well into the floor, tune in to the rhythm of the group and the physical laws of the earth, only to be able to easily break away into our exploration.

Playful Body (February 25 – advanced, February 26 – beginners)

Playful Body is a contemporary dance workshop where we look, run, jump, roll and dare to dream. We charge the space with our energy, negotiate territories and let ourselves be engulfed by the pleasure of movement. We challenge our bodies and test our limits, bravely aiming for freedom rather than virtuosity. We put aside preconceptions and allow the body to surprise us.

Singing Body (March 4 – advanced, March 5 – beginners)

Singing Body is a workshop in which contemporary dance starts from an exploration of the rhythmic and melodic potentials recorded in our personal mind-body system. The internal music of each of us, the music of the other, the music embedded in the architecture of the space, in its emotional or narrative charge are just some of the proposed themes.

We will start in this search from the awareness of our own voice, from its relationship with the space and the bodies that populate it. The concept of music is only used to translate a type of non-linear and direct communication between consciousness and expression. We don’t have to be composers or choreographers to sense the musicality of our thoughts, emotions and internal structures. Everything is seen as a play, a relaxed song about what we are and can be.

Speaking body (March 11 – advanced, March 12 – beginners)

Speaking Body is a contemporary dance workshop in this callup turns its attention to one of the most common social activities. We talk every day – out of need, habit or passion, alone or with the other, but sometimes words seem to fail to express us. Întreg corpul e un semnal. The whole body is a receptor.

In the workshop, we will go beyond the non-verbal language of our everyday bodies and try to articulate through movement what cannot be expressed elsewhere. We give the body credit to think, feel and telling. We purify speech, and eliminate the false, the useless and the irrelevant. We include everything that cannot be translated into words. We observe how the sensation structures the internal route in a manner similar to musical or verbal phrasing, and we approach contemporary dance as an alternative for our daily existence: a way of communication, an expression of inner impressions unexpressed and perhaps even untranslatable in verbal language.

The workshops take place at Good Mood Dance Studio (Piata Victoriei area).

Challenge your friends with a tip and send them dancing. The nicest gifts are those that put you into action.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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