Tree by Valentina De Piante

There is a lot of shake in my body, a lot of life waiting to be born. My pelvis is shaking violently. Each passing child leaves me a sign, an imprint, a desire, an opening, a shortcoming, something that cannot be reduced to words because

I am the expanding cosmos. They are vibration and rhythm. It is life and death

For a moment that seems eternal.

All mothers are in me.

It’s not me, it’s pure force, power and discharge.

I push, I push, I push.

Whatever happens, it crosses me.

I am the void, I am the nest, I am in a trance and the present.

They are the opening and the closing.

It is chaos and death.

I am unable to take care of my children.

mom where are you

My mind is like that of my newborn child. My senses are very active.

Gently caress my skin, my severed aching viscera. I am a body giving birth to another body.

I am love and pain. Every touch is padded, memorized, coded, preserved in our common tissues. Cum te ating spune cum am fost atinsă. The dialogue with you is body to body and the emotion is built from the way they care for you.

Mother, mammal, mother symbiosis, symbiosis, mother life.

I notice you, enter your skin and become your body, before any other discourse can box you in, regulate you. I become the earth that contains you. They are oxygen and earth.

Every 26 seconds the earth shakes. I feel the impulse through bone, muscle, fascia, skin. The impulse spreads in the body, sometimes it gets stuck. Movement sharpens my perception.

I feel the tongue moving in my mouth: tongue food, tongue decensure, tongue decensure body.

I feel the smell, the archaic sense, the organ of fear. He helps us to know who we can approach and who we must distance ourselves from. Mother, you became a child again when you had me in your womb to protect me, so I also became involved, I became the mind and body of my child.

Mother support, mother oscillation pulsation, vibration, a mother that transforms into others.

I want to move, I want to feel the kinesthetic pleasure of being a body, like a primary release of energies.

I feel like I can get to know you better through what you do, my child…I feel like the emotions then explode, then calm down. I experience pushing, throwing, slamming like you. I see you and feel what you feel.

Together, through your corporeality, we become physical, emotional, and mental matter: torn, shaped, shaken, compressed, caressed, stretched, exhausted.

Can we scream? Can we rob this earth and others to take the courage [cor habeo] heart out of us?

Who are we?

In my mother’s womb, I was one with my mother. Now I – having become a mother, live a symbiosis and then separation from you, my child.

Mom, I think I’m ready now.

There are several bodies.

I became the tree.

I am rooted in the earth, mother.

And I embodied all of you: you, mother and father, you, my children, and all of you in me.


Article written by Valentina De Piante within the [m]others project.
Photo by Alina Ușurelu.


An Indie Box project. Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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