I’m afraid of going crazy

I’m afraid of going crazy

I don’t have room to memorize. They are like a vacuum stretched to infinity, like putting two mirrors face to face. I don’t know if I’ve always been like this. No one seems to notice any difference.

I don’t know how to pack my luggage.

The voice in my mind is louder than the sounds outside. I am looking for solutions.

I feel something moving under my left cheek. I blink, for hours, until I cry. It seems like I won’t breathe again until I make a conscious choice. I have the feeling that all eyes are on me, but I know that no one is watching me.

Bodies elongate, people have too many noses, and my throat swells up like a frog, and then it’s strangled by a constricting snake.

I feel like I’ve short-circuited, I’m burned inside.

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