BREAKING NEWS: People in the tram do what they want

A body was observed in the tram, in uncertain positions, difficult to identify. The body was moving, but the witnesses say that it had no control over its actions. It is suspected that he had a severe insomnia, based on intra-urban trips.

Some witnesses report a presence of uncertain sexuality at the scene, following this walking body. The women have suspicions regarding the good intentions of the follower, the idea being circulated that he is responsible for the patient’s severe insomnia. There is still no evidence regarding the consumption or abuse of drugs or ideas.

Asked about the meaning of his actions, the suspicious being began to talk about a sensitive body, which oscillates between interior and exterior:

The body starts from LISTENING, EXPLORING space with closed eyes, trying to OPEN, permeability, embracing space, intimacy, with passages through PAUSES of listening, re-tuning, withdrawal into SECURITY and evolves towards trying to transform/listen/incorporate the sound as music and trying to be YOU the music from space.

Apparently, the being would not be alone in this endeavour. Witnesses from various locations report the involvement of at least two other characters in similar actions. It seems that it is an independent initiative in the area of contemporary performing arts that proposes a rethinking of public space. No one can formulate exactly what they want, but the contexts and universally accepted social patterns seem rigid and lacking in empathy.

———————————– a reality check written by a spoiled girl —— ————————————————– —- photo credit: Lavinia Pollak ——————–

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