I take the city as a psychedelic transformer of consciousness, walking through it with my eyes closed, sometimes supported by Alexandra. A city, which manifests itself as layers of reality, where people no longer find place and peace, where bodies act contrary to conventions.

I start with sound, the most random element like our personality.
After 5 minutes of listening exercise in a very noisy area of the city, I want a break – if I sit still, just a break, I feel my focus coming back and sounds starting to diversify. Which sound catches my attention?

I cross the city strewn with stimuli, my often compulsive, ridiculous, paradoxical body is a sound, spatial testimony of some relationships: me with my experiences, me with unconscious actions, me with sound space and me with visual space.

I cross the city and let the internal associations move me, creating internal images and a flow of emotions.
I am faced with freedom restricted to a body, which in the public space is a regulated sign. I inhale and exhale opposite feelings, excitement and fear, unaided by the visual sense. My body, an incubator of multiple meanings, moves about different places and depending on the context, creates other realities.

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