The thoughts of a utopian coordinator by Alexandra Balasoiu

[m]others propose a common space of play, creation and reflection where we learn to look at reality with the relaxed but engaged eyes of childhood.

[m]others propose an individual space for everyone, where questions, emotions and needs are met with gentleness and acceptance.

[m]others propose an approach to integrate the parent’s needs in the way social spaces are built.

I dream of a utopia, where the continuum concept is integrated into our social reality.

We can’t run fast enough to leave behind the fears and shortcomings of a society cut off from nature, we can’t place ourselves with the power of our minds alone in a world where we let children explore freely on the edge of the precipice, among sharp-edged tools or close to the wolves.

But we can use our intelligence, creativity and will to build spaces that welcome us from here, from where we are, that take all our fears with them, cover the sockets and corners of the world for our reassurance, and take us tenderly by the hand. Sometimes they guide us with warm voices, in the exploration of a frothy, fiery or cold unknown. Sometimes they just let us be, freed from the care of the one next to us.

I, therefore, dream of spaces that take into account:

  • a parent who wants to work, and has a child to care for
  • a parent who wants to give his child diverse experiences without putting himself on hiatus
  • a parent who wants to experiment, grow, not wait
  • a parent who wants to build a complex relationship with his child and not just an organization of parallel lives pulling each other in different directions

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