feedback of their heart

Confusion. As an assumption of a potential space where the answers are not yet formulated, but the possibilities are infinite.

I believe that the acceptance and observation of confusion are essential both in formulating social structures and artistic manifestations. An education based on questions, not answers. A learning process based on discovery, not imprinting. Why do we think we know better what others need? How do we know that our needs are also theirs and especially that needs from now or yesterday will be valid in the future? Why not relate to the present? Why not relate to each individual?

The silence. Creating spaces for self-listening.

The action. The creation of spaces of free action, of flight

The imagination. Creating spaces for the flight of thought

Intrinsic and inherent value. The value of the self as such. The value of the actions he does. The motivation of the actions.

The immense impact of the educator. Spatiul interior propriu modeleaza spatiul interior al celuilalt. Interior spaces in relation instead of rigid models in contradiction

The greatest disability is that of being considered incompetent. To be convinced that you are inferior, powerless, and disadvantaged. We all need the ability to see in any contradiction/counter/opposition a space for development.

=> >The idea of dreaming of a different school model, with classes that can be included in the curriculum… Pure fantasy!!

=>>> The exercise with imagining the body in motion

Go somewhere that makes you feel good and imagine you could move anyway. Visualize the body in space, in motion, about the objects and people occupying it. Everything is possible.

  1. How would you describe what you imagined? (5 words)
  2. How does it make you feel? (min. 1 emotion)
  3. What are the actions that happen? What is your body doing? (verbs)
  4. Can you identify the source of your imagination? Is it a desire, a need or a model printed from other things you’ve seen?
  5. What do you think what you saw would look like?
  6. Do you think it is possible? If not, what is stopping you? What do you think should be changed about you? What should be changed in the environment?


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