Hail to you, the one about to enter the flow,

For some time now, I have been troubled by questions about the purpose of each of us in the landscape. How can we make our intangible work useful to people who need something tangible in the first place? How do we integrate into this context where we know that we can influence feelings, we can move minds, and can redefine the limits of understanding and openness? How do we use the key of patience to not stop?

Îmi plac proiectele unde oameni diferiți iau contact cu arta, sub diferite forme, în diferite locuri. De preferat afară, în aer liber, în drumul lor către o altă zi obișnuită sau la finalul uneia. De preferat cât mai des, cât mai divers. În cazul dansului, este util ca oamenii să vadă corpuri dansând în locuri în care nu se așteaptă. Să existe elementul supriză, emoția întâlnirii cu ei înșiși și cu ceilalți. Să învețe că este ok să dansezi ca formă de manifestare, nu numai sub ”protecția” unui club, a unei beri, etc. Nu ești nebun dacă dansezi, ci te exprimi pentru ca și ei să aibă curajul să o facă.Dansezi pentru că este un limbaj prin care poți comunica. E normal să îți placă sau nu. Important e să ai posibilitatea să vezi. Să ai acces.

“HOW?”, “FOR WHOM?” and “WHY?” help you get into the flow.

Where do we go wrong when things fall below our expectations, how do we embrace “failure” and turn it into a resource? Cum privim o ”reușită” cu ochii limpezi ai realității pe termen scurt. medium or long? What do below and above expectations mean?

I’m starting to believe more and more in the need to use a brain of a young entrepreneur, connected, passionate, rational and attentive to the correct weighing of opportunities and fantasies. I need this when I draw my plans. I need to detach myself from the pure chance to annihilate what later disappointment means. When (it still appears). And it appears. It appears fed by me or others, it appears fed by a context or spontaneously, it appears wrapped in fear. The existence of “Keep it cool” is conditioned by this rational, educated and experienced brain. And the experience is born (in the beginning) with deer feet. Fragile, brave and ready for an environment of infinite possibilities.

What about the body? The body must be allowed to feel the life pulsating in it NOW, HERE or THERE. The body is a wealth of chances, possibilities and emotions. The body is the thermometer of each of us. He approves and raises the alarm in all our choices.


Let him get you into the flow.


In 2021, several choreographers told and forwarded to their colleagues’ questions about the body, the pandemic and the place/meaning of dance for them, in the form of anonymous letters.

Each letter served as inspiration for an illustrator to create an augmented animation during DANSTOPIC workshops in the spring, a guided journey by Skeptic Dog Animation and Human Interface.

The animation of Letter #7 was created by Maria Dombrov and can be discovered through the Artivive app.
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.artivive
Apple Store:


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