A singing body is a body that CREATES music in space. Its music might never be heard.

The eyes, the mind and the soul of the one who watches it are redirected ANYWAY.


When I CHOOSE to be a singing body, I give myself to the environment. I make place in my body for the city and in the city for my body. The funny fact about this process is that I AM a singing body in every second of my life and this false choice that I make is just a mix of courage and self-awareness. I could taste it at any moment, but, for some reason, I keep it unavailable.


A singing body might never hear its own music.


The singing body that I would always like to be is a free flow of a soul in shapes and rhythms and speeds.

The singing body that I have experienced is a breath that flows through the space with the intention of being heard.


You are a singing body in every second of your life.

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