Madira by Oana Baluta


Let me introduce you to the future community of single mothers who have taken on the role of creators outside the domestic framework.

Madira is a safe space to support, move, plant and professionally incubate independent mother artists.

Behind the initiative is me, Oana Băluță, visual artist for cultural projects, sometimes maker and performer, but always, for 3 and a half years, Maya’s mother. I can say that since I’ve been a mother I’ve been learning day by day to live closer to what really matters. As a single mother I unwittingly learned about self-sacrifice and how to be there for other mothers in their first months of separation. Now I want to continue this work for a larger group. With all the current emotional and financial difficulties, I decided to move with Maya to Brașov to give her days closer to nature, at ease. Even before the separation from Maya’s father, I felt that there was a great need for a space dedicated to (single) artistic and independent mothers. So I’m asking for your help to launch Madira – the home of creative mothers outside the domestic space, in Brașov. I found the space, I just have to move the mountains with a little of help from my friends – you! Or the company you work for, by your intention.

This is the first time I am asking for help towards something greater, but I feel that it is possible here. Following the latest project, I’m part of, [m]others by Indie Box, I felt how important support is between mothers and offline, through our group of mothers funded until recently to do what we knew best: to encourage other moms to take space and be artists in the residence where we include kids in mommy’s work – a valuable treat. So Maya knows what mommy is good at and we know how to bring that as bonding in our relationship. About the project, in discussion with Hilde at Radio Romania International, soon also online.

Now, in a full season of introspection and warm communion, it’s time to set Madira in Brașov in motion and open the branches of the nest so that independent single mothers (makers, artists, freelancers) have their place as a support group, as space for (re)connection and movement, as a work and reading space or as an artistic residency in the mountains. All are restricted and safe, by recommendation, but with openness to other mothers from all over the country, by sharing the things that make our lives nicer and by sharing the surplus. My plan is to find support now for the basic needs (rent, maintenance, project management assistance-writing pitch for more funding starting in the spring) and to open it up to moms who need this place ASAP. Your help through which I hope to generate 5000eur (collective monthly contribution of 1000eur) is strictly for the first 5 months of engagement in which we lay the foundations of the community and local partners, during which I create a self-sustaining system: online store and events to promote mothers who they will be with us under the umbrella starting from November itself.

Also in these 5 months, we increase the human value of the community in slow-living waves of small circles where mothers and their children can feel that they are part of a bigger family, intending to have somewhere to move, to see a movie in the community, where to put pickles, bring healthy male role models around (workshop facilitators, story nights etc), or garden. The intention of the hub is to also find support for know-how programs, personal development and individual therapy sessions for mothers in the community who need support. I created a pinterest board to give you an idea of the concept here

I know the needs of the beneficiaries because I am one of them and I have the motivation to the bones to find someone who will see further how important it is to support the first steps. Although it seems like the beginning is from scratch, we mothers have been gifted with a much greater power that starts from infinity. Thank you for listening to what I had to say and if I felt right, that you can be one of the supporters through your generosity or your position in the company and your openness, then I am here for any question you have about Madira.

Otherwise, I am grateful that you witnessed the dream early on and would appreciate it if you could direct me to a resource person who could finance this nest. You can write to me at the email address or on Instagram with any thoughts you have about the Madira project, especially if you are part of the group of mothers in Brașov who could benefit from the opening of the new space.

With the joy of the beginning, Oana B.

Idea born in the chariot of the [m]others project.

The [m]others project is a resident program that supported the efforts of 9 Romanian artists in the creation of musical, choreographic and plastic products in relation to their identity as mothers. The proposed residences focused on the process of reflection on their relationship with their own children, the emotional distances between them, as well as the individuality of each of these relationships.

Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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