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Being a mother for me is not a personal achievement, I never looked at it that way. Rather it was a biological given, a coincidence, a near fatality, but by no means an intention, design or merit of its own. I have always seen professional aspiration as independent at best, if not in contradiction with the maternal role. I always thought that I would have to succeed regardless of or despite the obligations of a mother, and it never occurred to me that motherhood could be a support, a springboard and a source of inspiration for the profession and art. More precisely, until now I have not even allowed myself to dream of a society in which this is possible. A utopia that now seems to be starting to take shape as reality.

Already two weeks in the [m]others group, here I am at the realization that there is something very strong in the consistency with which we all stuck to the plan to see to work regardless of thoughts, interruptions, doubts… I discovered that it is not not only allowed but expected to devote myself to the practice of madness with professional seriousness. And I love the paradox that I’ve had access to it not in spite of, but thanks to this fatality of being a mother, which I’m slowly starting to take back into my own hands. Here, it’s ok to “cry out” all the parts I’ve been dispossessed of and discover our creativity together, educated, sophisticated maternal bodies, already gone through a lot, and in addition assumed today exactly as we are: pulled, pushed, hit, supportive, wild, touching…

A shared commitment is emerging to build from and upon these felt realities and to return some of that wisdom to the community. Good luck!


The article was written by Loredana Larionescu within the [m]others project.
Photo by Alina Ușurelu.


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