I travel through space-time consciousness. I oscillate, I’m unstable, I centre myself, I feel, I don’t know what’s happening.
Can a biography begin through perceptions of the body?
Being amnesiac, with a feeling of detachment from this life, I fix reality so as not to miss important details. I love to see miracles every second. I have witnessed several miracles in this life: three are my children and the fourth is Him.
But staying in the flow of life, yes, is a smart decision, in a permanent relationship with the shadows and lights within us that are reflected on the walls and on the faces we meet.
Unpredictable, unknown, vibration – these are three words, three principles of life, which we cannot control.
Dar ceea ce facem aici se reînnoieste pentru întotdeauna cu un sentiment de eternitate. Now for example it can be Heaven.

The voice chooses me, entering a trance I let it manifest through me, breathing through bones, blood and organs. The voice deconstructs itself into a thousand forms, creating an infinite echo. Vibration and noise create a string from sound to protolanguage to highly emotional language. My body becomes the guide to temper mental alienation. I notice how the mind lights up with its show of funny thoughts. I am now in the present, listening to the sounds within me.
It is an effort to focus and observe what I observe, to observe the observation. There is a lot of chaos, not outside, but inside.

I sharpen the senses as if the ear were all skin. The sounds transform – and with them, the body, which acquires other densities.
Se creează noi spații înăuntru care vibrează pe diverse frecvențe. These waves give an interesting state. I am so much in the body that my mind begins an internal kinesthetic journey where the soundscape changes the matter of which I am made.

The ocean of sounds triggers images and sensations at the subatomic level. The body and membranes that give materiality to the soul’s shoulder the sound background, rediscovering the geography of the city.
-Without end-

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